2. Notice



Jan.09 2014 Counterfeit of MCX314As / MCX314AL.
 We have found out that there are counterfeit MCX314As/MCX314AL circulating in the East Asian region.
 These counterfeit products are handled by electronic component dealers or Internet Web sites, outside of our official distribution channels.
 Not only do counterfeit products possibly cause malfunction of equipment, but the customers who use them may be penalized for unintentionally being involved in an illegal activity.
 Therefore, we request our customers to make sure to purchase NOVA electronics products through NOVA electronics, subsidiary or official distributors to avoid accidentally purchasing counterfeit products.
 We cordially request customers' understanding and cooperation.
Dec.09 2013 Establishment of local subsidiary in Taiwan.
 We established a local subsidiary on 22, Oct. 2013 in Taiwan.
Jan.10 2013 The website has been renewed.