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MD5130D 5-phase stepper motor Integrated Motion Controller and Driver

MD5130D is 5-phase stepper motor unit with bipolar pentagon drive, equipped with high functions 1-axis motion control IC MCX501.
The software “MD Operation Tool” is attached which can edit and register configuration data and a user program.

Constant speed, trapezoidal acceleration/deceleration speed (symmetry/non-symmetry), S-curve acceleration/deceleration speed
Automatic home search
Step out detection by an encoder signal
Microstep resolution(Divided into max. 250)
Low vibration driving at low speed
Power voltage :DC24V
Driving current :0.35A~1.4A/phase


User program

The user can register various driving parameters and the user program of up to 1000 steps by 27 kinds of commands. Thereby the complex operation can easily be performed by registering them in advance. MD5130D user program file is saved in the format of CSV file. The user can edit a user program file by using spreadsheet software applications

<MD5130D operation tool>

operation tool

USB interface

The maximum of 16units can be connected to one PC with USB cable. The user can write and edit program and execute manual operation of each axis from MD operation tool. MD5130D has communication commands. The user can create your own software with these commands by such as VB, VC and control a MD5130D.

USB interface

Parallel control interface

The Parallel Interface can be used to execute the drive activation corresponding arbitrary position data at specified speed by connected to the master PLC(Programmable Logic Controller). Also, scan drive, continuous drive and program execution can be performed.

<System Configuration Example>
Parallel control interface
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