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Motion Control IC

MCX501 High performance 1-Axis Motion Control IC Catalog
MCX512 High performance 2-Axis Motion Control ICNew! Catalog
MCX514 High performance 4-Axis Motion Control ICNew! Catalog
MCX302 2-Axis Motion Control IC Catalog
MCX304 4-Axis Motion Control IC Catalog
MCX312 2-Axis Motion Control IC with interpolation Catalog
MCX314As/AL 4-Axis Motion Control IC with interpolation Catalog
IC comparative table Comparative table for Motion Control ICs Catalog

Evaluation Module for Motion Control IC and General purpose I/O IC

MCX501EV Evaluation module for MCX501 Catalog
MCX512EV Evaluation module for MCX512New! Catalog
MCX514EV Evaluation module for MCX514New! Catalog
MCX302EV Evaluation module for MCX302 Catalog
MCX304EV Evaluation module for MCX304 Catalog
MCX312EV Evaluation module for MCX312 Catalog
MCX314AsEV Evaluation module for MCX314As Catalog
MCX314ALEV Evaluation module for MCX314AL Catalog
PIX132EV Evaluation module for PIX132 Catalog

Integrated Motion Controller and Driver

MD5130D/MD5230D Integrated Motion Controller and DriverNew! Catalog